Friday, 22 June 2012

Hazel striking eye makeup style 2012

Do you have a nice eye color hazel? Hazel eyes and there's something invaluable as they are capable of distributing itself a  lot of expectations, ranging from contemporary, sexy, classic, frankly, even classic. From hazel eyes usually brown in color and gives a clear ruling, and I was able to choose eye shadow that matches this color. I recommended that you put the brown lining of the eye to focus the eyes of hazel, while other dark colors are better, like purple, peach, or even decide to do tips black.Before colored eye makeup hazel, it is best to know what kind of eye shadow to become the best colors to choose from. Eyes brown eyes, especially those that can be applied to a large number of colors, such as its color is flexible. He says a professional to apply for Hazel eyes turning green or blue in her hazel eyes you have to be more pleased with the new look of bright eyes.Therefore tips for hazel eyes are similar to the makeup tips brown eyes. When you need to apply mascara, and use of color can be brown or hazel eyes black impressive. Tips can be eye makeup for Hazel eyes If you are a lucky women who have had luck with hazel eyes, but do not know how to apply eye makeup, using the wrong tone of eyes ruin a look, and sometimes the rest of your makeup. Eye protection that works best for hazel eyes are shades of mauve purple. These shades work well to highlight the natural color of hazel eyes. Another shadow that works as well as eye makeup for the eyes and honey brown tones. Do not try to use green or blue mascara, and eventually only dramatize the eyes, and thus sabotage makeup.Eyeliner Kohl eye and dark brown will be the makeup hazel eyes best, but other shades, such as green also work well.However, the positive and make the lining of the eye color is not used by the extreme contrast with the eye shadow to use Hazel eye makeup. Black or gray are also other options for a beautiful solution to harness the support as a way to make hazel eyes.

Make Up Tips Brown Eyes


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